Create wordpress settings page using ACF

Every wordpress developers should agree that Advanced custom fields (ACF) has reduced development time and it gave more flexibility to extend wordpress custom fields functionality. ACF also make the wordpress backend more user friendly.

In this article am going to show how we can build a settings page for google analytics using ACF. This can done in two ways.

  1. Page based approach – Using free version of ACF
  2. ACF options – Using ACF PRO or ACF addon ACF Options

I will show how we can build using ACF options addon. To proceed further first install ACF core plugin and activate ACF options or else install ACF Pro.

Step 1: Create settings page

Add this code in functions.php. It will enable google analytics settings in wp-admin


Step 2: Add fields to settings page

Login to backend and create new custom field group. Set the target to options page and publish  the page and your settings page is ready.


Go to newly created settings page and paste your copied google analytics tracking code.



Step 3: Retrieve google analytics in front end

Add this  piece of code to functions.php. This will retrieve saved google analytics in frontend.

That’s all we are done with settings page using ACF. Try it out. Feedback are welcome.

How to stop asking FTP access

For Security purpose wordpress will ask ftp information on plugin or theme installation. Because of this we can stop other users from adding unwanted plugins and themes. To stop asking ftp information we have to define it in wp-config file like this

or if you not aware of your ftp information then you can stop asking ftp info defining FS_METHOD. But this not a safest one


Add Custom Logo in Login page

We can change the default logo in login page using action hooks.

Step 1:

Add this code to your functions.php

Step 2:

Add this code below the previous line in functions.php

You can skip width, height and background-size. If you haven’t given then it will take wordpress default logo height and width. To make the rendering better am adding height and width here.


Must needed plugins for your blog

Blogging becomes a passion for all developers. Want to make your plugin super fast and list first in search engine?? Checkout these plugins

1. Advanced Custom fields

Very useful and must needed plugin for your blog.  By default wordpress gives custom fields but its not much user friendly. Just user can enter values there is no much customization option. Advanced custom fields gives lot of options like gallery, Map…. checkout the below link

2. W3 Total cache

Must needed plugin in your blog. Makes your blog super fast. It takes care of cache, CDN…. It reduces all your effort for performance. But enable only things that you needed. Some times js and css minify breaks your site.

3. Seo Yoast

Seo by Yoast optimizes your blog for all search engine. For using this plugin you don’t need to be a seo expert. Just follow the steps that yoast suggests

Disable the “please update now” message in WP dashboard

WordPress community will release updates frequently. Sometime updating wordpress core will break the system. To prevent from updating, add these lines to your functions.php